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Q+A with QUEENSRYCHE founding member, drummer, and RycheShop owner/creator

Scott Rockenfield


*Q:  When did you first get into the business of custom merchandising?


SR: It began about 45 years ago back when I first started playing drums. I found myself always searching for and creating new ways that would enhance the look of my drums. I just didn’t want to look normal I suppose you could say. And so in 1980 when I built my first “chain” stand drum kit, I realized that I could continue to expand on those ideas as the years progressed. And soon thereafter with the incredible rise of success in founding Queensryche, I was able to expose those somewhat crazy “creative looking” ideas to a wider audience.



*Q:  So, did that natural progression and exposure lead you into custom merchandising as well?


SR:  Yes it most certainly did. I have actually  been designing and supplying merchandise for the Queensryche brand for over 20 years now. As time progressed I was also given the incredible honor of designing, manufacturing, and supplying merchandise to some of the worlds most successful artists and musical instrument manufacturers. Artists such as Lady GaGa, Rod Stewart, Metallica, Megadeth, SlipKnot, WASP, Five Finger Death Punch, Tesla, Seattle Seahawks, and many more…And then add to that an ongoing list of manufacturers such as Pearl Drums, Tama Drums, DDRum, Dean Gtrs, and many more.



*Q:  With so many years of designing custom merchandise, tell us a bit about The Ryche Shop.


SR: The Ryche Shop is really a celebration of our 40year legacy since the release of our first EP in 1983, and a culmination of the many years and the many ideas in creation. We are incredibly grateful and blessed that Queensryche has been able to attain such amazing heights of success, and that the band and brand continues to do so. The Ryche Shop is a fun “new horizon” for our amazing fanbase to hopefully smile and enjoy some unique, collectible and cool new items that have just never been available to them before. And personally, I am very excited about all the new and insanely cool and collectible creations that will soon be coming to our "custom" RycheShop collection. 

I mean, come on, it’s all about having fun..right ?!!    :)  --    srock

"Reach for a New Horizon"

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